Saint Justin

Walk to St. Justin

Directly behind our house starts the path to the chapel of St. Justin. Here is also a restaurant where you can drink something or eat a pancake (during the day). It is run by the mayor of Sers (see photo on the left, together with his son), who is also a ski teacher in winter. In about half an hour you can walk upstairs. The first part runs a bit steep, then it is an easy walk. This walk we walk every time we are there, except in winter when there is snow.

You can see Sers and Barèges from the viewpoint. Also our farm is from here just to see and recognizable by the red shutters. If you look towards Barèges to the right side of the valley, you can see the Colas plain. This is a clearing in the forest where you can also walk to.

This is a popular walking route and many people from Barèges come here regularly. Follow the same road back home again.

Pannekoekenhuis St Justin
De gastheer en zoon bij het Pannekoekenhuis St Justin
St Justin

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