Mountain Walk to Refuge Packe

One of the most beautiful walks of the Pyrenees goes to the Refuge Pack. It is a night residence on a cliff of 500m height. Picnic and enjoy!

How to get there

From Barèges it is a short drive to the restaurant "Chez Louisette" (height 1500 meters). Follow the road through the village towards col de Tourmalet. After about two kilometres turn right and follow a narrow paved road towards Lienz (Chez Louisette is also indicated). You can park your car at the restaurant.

Refugee de la Glère

The stretch from Chez Louisette to la Glère is a 2-hour long boring walk on an unpaved road. It is also possible to continue on the unpaved road in the direction of refuge de la Glère. Just before the road gets steeper, there is a sign that closes the road. There is also a small parking lot. There you put your car and continue on foot.

Refuge Pack

Vroeger kon je hier met de auto overheen, maar tegenwoordig hebben ze de weg ontoegankelijk gemaakt om het natuurgebied wat rustiger te houden. Het eerste stuk tot de refuge la Glère is erg saai., daarna is de wandeling naar refuge Packe erg mooi. Reken voor de totale tocht naar refuge Packe 6-7 uur afhankelijk van de afstand die je in het begin met de auto af kunt leggen.Refuge de la Glère

De refuge de la Glère ligt op 2150 meter hoogte en is voor iedereen goed te bewandelen en gemakkelijk te vinden. De refuge ligt aan de rand van een verzameling bergmeertjes. Dit is de laatste plaats waar je nog drinken of eten kunt kopen. Het is een groot gebouw uit 1947, waar je kunt overnachten (90 slaapplaatsen). Het deel waar je kan slapen is vernieuwd in 2002. Van hieruit kan je vele wandelingen ondernemen.

To refuge Packe

The refuge pack is an unmanned sturdy cabin with room for about 6 people at 2509 meters. The hut is located on a beautiful mountain ridge with stunning views. The refuge package was built back in 1862, but not in good condition, after the renovation at the end of the last century. There is no water available! If you're still puf, you can walk to the lake that you see a few hundred meters lower.

South of the refuge de la Glère, the path begins with signs. Along the way, the route is also indicated by stone men. It is an easy journey on well-travelled paths. Due to its total length, however, it is still quite a heavy walk.

Along the way you will encounter lakes and a beautifully varied landscape. At the end of July we had to walk a little bit over snow. It was not a difficult piece to walk over.

The refuge can be seen from a great distance. On the bench at the hut you can enjoy your own lunch brought along. Back you walk the same route.

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